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In my years of real estate networking I keep getting reminded of my friend Vidal Davis who told me that “it is all about brokering information”.  Having broker contacts who have buyers or sellers and touching those contacts to bring buyers or sellers together.

I met Vidal in my first few months in real estate as I advanced my real estate education by attending the REALTORS Land Institute course on Developing Land in Memphis, TN.  He and I had lots in common including family backgrounds in timber and agriculture.  He lives an hour or so South of Vicksburg in Natchez, MS and I about an hour North in the small agricultural community of Rolling Fork, MS each of which are right along the Mississippi River and surrounded by areas of intensive row crop agriculture, hardwood timber production, and lots of hunting and fishing properties.

This new connection was the beginning of my real estate network and I quickly met many individuals throughout Mississippi that had the same interests as I did with lots of opportunity for connecting each other with buyers and sellers of real estate and most anything else.

I left Mississippi and went to Lake Lanier and further expanded my network.  Except this time it was through Internet Networking.  Building websites, blogs, and interconnecting them all with new networks of relationships.  It was amazing the information that could be garnered through these relationships and not necessarily from direct relationships.

Fast forward a few years and I am in Orange Beach, Alabama and have advanced to being somewhat of a web networking wizard among my peers.  Now I don’t claim to know everything in the world about the internet or about real estate, but my network now consists of some of the best internet wizards in the world and some of the best real estate practitioners in the world.  I may not call on them on a day to day basis, nor are we necessarily friends at the level where we know all of the details of that persons life.  No, we are professional networkers and consultants and find our paths cross in many directions.  I have very close networking relationships from Sarasota to Fort Lauderdale.  From the Coast of Delaware to San Diego on the Pacific Coast. From Orange County, California to Orange Beach, Alabama.  From Gulf Shores, Alabama to Austin Texas.  From New Jersey to Illinois and on out to Denver, Colorado.  It is a very small world and when someone in the network needs help with something, someone in the group is ready to lend a hand or share some expertise.

So that leads me to Carolyn Gjerde-Tu.  I don’t even know how to pronounce her last name and even though I have seen a photo in her networking profile I probably wouldn’t know her if she walked in the room.  However, I do know that she is an authority on Davis Real Estate and Sacramento Real Estate in California as well as an internet networking wizard.  Do I know anything about those areas? No.  But if I have a client moving in that direction I know that she would be a good point of information and source of consultation in regards to searching for property to buy and if the contact had property to sell, I know that through her networking and relationship building on the internet that she would likely be amongst the best sources to contact for selling CA Real Estate.

There you have it. My friend Vidal was correct in counseling me about relationship building in the real estate world. I continue to counsel him on the value of networking in the internet world. While he now carries a Blackberry to better network with his real estate peers, I continue to advise him to build those internet networking skills and relationships for magic things happen when you do!

So, I just wanted to thank Vidal for his advice and opening up my world to networking.  And Eric Blackwell from Team Eric for helping me take it to the next level.  And finally Carolyn for being my California Real Estate connection.

By the way Carolyn, do you happen to know Bob Crain who works the Rancho Carlsbad real estate market?


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