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Blogging is a strange thing.  You write to an audience that is unknown and get traffic from unexpected places with unexpected search terms.  I have been working at blogging for a little over a year.  It is difficult to organize one’s thoughts to deliver to an unknown audience.  When I first began, I was focused on the subject at hand which was real estate.  Then it seemed like I was trying to write and rewrite the same thing over and over with different keywords.  Spam?  Well, not really I was focused on those subjects and they all had common keywords, but it just drained you and took away from a pleasant experience. 

I am now a reformed blogger.  I will write about what I want to write without worrying about keywords.  If they are present they are, if not then they are not.  The interesting thing is that since taking on this attitude about blogging the traffic I was seeking has actually increased on quite a steep upward slope.  Why, I don’t know.  Perhaps it is site aging and Page Rank moving about here and there, but I suspect it is nothing more than becoming more social in the Web 2.0 environment. 

What are your experiences with blogging?  Do you utilize the MyBlogLog application?   What other social networking tools do you use?  Your comments are appreciated!

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